From left to right
Matthias Koppensteiner, Executive Director
Ronald Düller, Chief Executive Officer
Bruno Faustka, Executive Director

Our values

We have a personal and lasting investment in our relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees, which is shaped by mutual respect, trust and honest character.

Reliability and stability for the future are the top priorities in our projects. As the name suggests, as service providers, we define ourselves by our services. We let our projects speak for themselves!

Our motto is professionalism, competence, experience—these are not just keywords for us, but values and principles that are at the forefront of all our activities throughout the company.

A strong team—our employees are central at PKE, and as such, their professional as well as personal development is especially important to us. Each individual employee of PKE is crucial to the success of the company; consequently, our personnel and their knowledge form our greatest asset.